Saturday, March 20, 2010

Elder Friend

As my dear Ffriend Bob nears the end of his life, and I worship and pray for his peace, these are words that found me:

Who knew when first we spoke
What would become of us
You a self-assured preacher
Me a preacher wannabe

You old, yet young; nimble words
tripping off your tongue as though
you remembered visions of a
sought after long, long time ago

Me young, yet old, wishing
seeking, thinking, groaning
against the growth I'd yet to do
With eyes longing more for home.

We journeyed on together then
More in mind than body here
As that's what we had most of left:
Our minds, remembering, seeking.

Time collapsed into itself
As on we sought, as back we looked
Some days like rain pouring, hailing down,
Some times like desert, parched, burning

We wondered of those gone before
Those who had taught us, those departed
How had they felt, had they struggled
To teach, to walk the walk for others?

Elders all, who in their quiet fortitude
Had set the way for you and me and more
Then left us far to soon alone
To lead the way for those depending on us.

Are we the Elders, we indeed?
Are the lessons we learned so strong, so true
the questions we asked so deep, so right
To strike the fancy of the newcome seeker?

We are in our time, be we ready or not.
Each of us a life to lead, a past revealed
A path to walk, a story told
A message unfolded as each life is lived

I will miss you sorely, Friend
And often think of tales you spun
I'll grieve your absence even as
I know your Spirit joins the Ones

Who often sit amongst us here
And help reveal the Light that dwells
When hearts are heavy and souls are bound
By unseen weight of plainest days

As I am worshipping long from now
I know I'll pause to hear your voice
Among the murmuring of the souls
That often lift my Spirits high

Remembering how we rose and fell
And rose again within these walls
I'll think of sins and atonement found
And quote your words to a young child.

If you are present let me know
Blow the wind or flutter the snow
A confirmation of the Light
Is all I need to trudge the road.

So many have walked along with us
And each has felt his burden bound
Then freed and flown as here he sat
And worshiped here among the Light.

You have been my teacher, Friend,
My guide, my companion, my confidant.
Would that I could be the same
If someone seeking calls my name.

How sweet the sound, amazing grace
How sweet the sun upon your face,
I hope that you are resting sweet,
and dancing with us at your wake.

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