Saturday, April 10, 2010

Old Friend Dear

Old Friend Dear,
I'm having a fantasy
of you, sweeping me
off my feet again.
It is as if the wind has
Blown through the open hole
in that long broken pane
of glass you knew
was always there
but never spoke of.

Our words were too frail
then, they could not
withstand the gale
force of nature's call...
To us it was a dream
too real to become more.

We laid it to rest;
too soon we moved on
Forgotten before time
reminded us of
who we were, or could be,
to each other.

I moon now over you;
a blue moon they said
this new year come;
And I was seeking
a realization,
not a past.

What found me was
a jewel inside a rock;
a jester in a robe.
Now the moon and I
lay gleaming, not knowing
what will come.

Blue? I am not blue
but in your arms I lie,
in my dreams I see;
In my mind there is more,
yet more to live.

I've been this place before
with someone else I knew,
there was a purpose
then, no different then,
than this.

What do I seek?
I'm after the elusive
dream of what was once
and never could be now.
And its all okay.

My life has not been wasted:
Waiting has been
bittersweet and honey,
tied up in a satin bow.

Waiting for the love
that never came; you
saw me then and now
You see my heart so clear.

We laughed so tenderly,
Our hearts so dear we
scarcely knew what we
were doing in those early days.

Now we are old, friend,
And distance lies between
our homes and hearts
and souls where they have lived.

I yearn and mourn and
toil and rest and rise again.
Feeling failure and success so
intertwined they scarcely
could be told apart.

You were my gentle love
I could not receive you then
My eyes were bent on beauty,
not on tenderness.

What draws me now is
more the soul, not flesh.
Are you still mine?
Will I dare to ask?
Will you dare to tell?

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