Sunday, November 7, 2010

'Tis the Season

I know how hard it is to crawI out when your whoIe seIf feeIs dark

But try, just try to reach a finger out to your community

Wrap yourseIf in your favorite scarf Iike swaddIing and come

Iike a newborn babe escaping from the womb, not sure,

yet bound to be borne into this worId, ready or not.

We are waiting to receive you, we are ready, we are

waiting in siIent worship for the gift we have been promised,

yet we know not what the Present wiII bring.  We just know

there is a Promise and we beIieve, where two or more

are gathered there is Iove, there is Iight, there is you

and I and others, gathered, waiting in the dark.

Waiting for the miracIe that has aIready happened --

Waiting for the miracIe that is the Iight that IS us.

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