Friday, October 18, 2013

Myth and Reality

Word is you are done with us
We have pushed all the limits
Too far and temperatures are
Soaring. Not long now and we
Will find ourselves extinct. The
Victims of unmitigated greed.

Not surprisingly you gave us all
The warnings. Starting in the 60s
They came as premonitions and
Foretellings from many shamans
And aquarians. We had the choice
To listen. But who could want to

Hear, amid the rev of cars, the
Whir of floppy drives, the beat of
The industrial machines making
Things, our prized possessions?
We were entranced, bethralled,
Enrapt in a dream of having it all.

Now we approach the point of
Drowning or baking ourselves to
Death. We hold the lives of other
Species in our hands. It may be
Too late. Yet we argue over the
Existence of climate change.

Mankind has truly gone insane.
Not-god has become God and
The gods are laughing as we
Bring each other down. History
And mythology have merged.
We are writing the folly of humans.

We read the stories of our past
Ancestors and laugh at the simple
Tales even as we recreate them.
How could Troy have fallen for that
Trojan horse? How can we have
Hope of writing a new story?

Settle into the silence of that
Glacier after it crashes. Who is
Left standing? How will we stand
With them. What can we grow in
This heat, and how will we share
It? Who will build the boat we sail?

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